Bayesian Recurrent Neural Network for Language Modeling

Yuan-Chu Ku       2014.8


Download the codes of BRNNLM:

svn co

This is a C/C++ implementation for Bayesian recurrent neural network for language modeling (BRNNLM)

The released BRNNLM contains

  1. brnnlm.cpp: Contain the notation of model parameter 
  2. brnnlmlib.cpp: Main program file, including the training and testing phase
  3. brnnlmlib.h: set the initiation values of model parameters
  4. fastexp.h: The defined of fast exponent

Running Environment

Our OS is Linux 64 bits
The computer has CPU of Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4930k @ 3.4GHZ 6 cores and memory of 64G RAM.


RNNLM toolkit by Tomas Mikolov, 2010-2012